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Twin Tattas Now Available


Designed by Papa Cheeks, Butt Lover and Connoisseur of Booty.


Hi are you on the right site? Hopefully you are and you didn't end up here looking for a way to order human butt cheeks. Cause who would do that, I mean who would order something so amazing, succulent, plump and delicious? Not me I know I definitely wouldn't. ( If you would you're a terrible person)  Anyway, here at we don't just make any type of candy, we make butt shaped candy, the best shape of candy! Send these anonymously to your loved ones as a joke or to that annoying asshole you work across the hall from who constantly flaunts how they're getting paid more than you. This is all about cheeksbymail.


You're here for one of four reasons.

1) You want to prank that special friend or loved one.
2) You know someone that is an ass, but they don't know it yet. 
3) You received a package from us and are wondering why. The reason why is simple; someone thinks you're either an ass or wanted you to laugh!
4) You are on the wrong website. (this isn't the porn you were looking for)

We have a long history of sending butts to people. From mooning innocent drivers while riding the school bus. Moving on to texting ' )( ' to random people in high school.

How it works

We only need a few things from you to get started; 2 minutes of your time. the mailing address of your target, and $19.99, we got you covered on the shipping (you were going to spend it on weed anyway. This is better.)

Once your order is processed an anonymous package will be sent to your target containing 2 things; A BIG bag of delicious gummy candy buttcheeks, and a note exclaiming 'EAT SOME CHEEKS' or it can be personalized on request. Nothing More. Nothing Less. You will remain anonymous and silently chuckle to yourself for years to come as you picture them wondering, always questioning "Who sent this to me?", "Are there more tasty gifts on their way?", "Why does this keep happening to me?!", and/or laughing themselves until they are physically ill. Yes their reaction will be much tastier than the bag of candy cheeks you sent to them. 

What are you waiting for? Send a box of cheeks today!