By Commander In Cheek

You Can Now Anonymously Send Your Enemies A Box of Edible Butts

You Can Now Anonymously Send Your Enemies A Box of Butts

Have you ever wanted to send a gag gift to a good friend, without them knowing it was you? Or perhaps your plan is to send a snarky and inappropriate prank to someone you don’t like as much. Now you can literally send that person a Box of Butts by mail, thanks to an ingenious new startup company’s website. And by bag of dicks, I mean an actual baggie of delectable, colorful dick-shaped candies. Whether you choose to use this knowledge for good or evil is entirely up to you.


The Cheeks

When you get your order from Cheeksbymail.com, you might be a little confused. But then you’ll immediately start laughing when you see that you’ve received a pouch full of ass-shaped gummies.

If you opt to send them to somebody else, the recipient will enjoy a sweet explosion of laughter sure to make them blush and brighten their day – or at least weird them out a bit.

This gift is perfect for riends, as they can have a laugh with everyone involved.

You don’t have to worry about the quality of the candy – this company delivers. The flavors of these gummies are off the chain. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill convenience store gummies.

They’re the type that makes you wonder…”Was that cherry? Or maybe some strawberry-orange hybrid?” “Is this lime or pear?” The exotic fruity flavors will leave you wanting more every time. It’s dangerous stuff we’re talking about here.

Some of you may be wondering why you would order something like this online…well why the heck wouldn’t you? These Cheeks By Mail are hilarious, inappropriate, super tasty – and can be sent anonymously.

You were probably just going to spend the money on drugs anyway, so why not?